Penerapan Biblical Based Integration pada Mata Pelajaran Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam di Sekolah Kristen ABC Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah [The Implementation of Biblical Based Integration in Science Lesson in ABC Christian School in Sukoharjo, Central Java]

Meri Fuji Siahaan, Nova Jessyca Aruan


Teachers at a Christian school ABC in Sukoharjo, Central Java are expected to implement Bible Based Integration in every lesson taught. The purpose of this research was to explain the implementation of the Bible Based Integration by teachers who taught science subjects (physics, chemistry, and biology) at Christian senior high school in Sukoharjo, Central Java. A qualitative case study was conducted to explain the purpose of this research. Six science teachers were involved as subjects of this research. Research data were collected by interviewing those six teachers as well as observing their own classrooms. Interviewing students, three students from each grade (X, XI, XII) along with collecting some lesson plans of those teachers were also conducted. The data were qualitatively analyzed by coding, classifying, and labeling the data then relating each labeled data with the related literature. Data analysis showed those six teachers used three approaches as implementing Bible Based Integration: relegating, referencing, and responding to the Bible. The data also revealed the teachers’ perceptions towards the Bible Based Integration.


Bible Based Integration; Integrasi berdasarkan Alkitab; Relegating the Bible; Referencing the Bible; Mereferensikan Alkitab; Responding the Bible; Merespondenkan Alkitab; Perception; Persepsi


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